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We all know that it is no easy task caring for our senior loved ones.  While we are challenged to care for our own home, children, careers, spouses and extra-curricular activities, we certainly do the best that we can.

It is sometimes a delicate balancing act and sometimes it seems hopeless with no end in sight. The long hours, long days, the fear of senior parents getting hurt or ill, their finances, your finances and so on.


At Sunshine Home and Companion Care, we know exactly what this is like.  We are curious and very interested in your feedback.  SHCC is here to help you and we want to fine tune our services by reaching out to the community and glean from your experiences.  It is our goal to better serve the community and what better way then to talk to the community about their struggles and fears and their own goals. It is because our own experience has taught us that caring for a senior loved one is no easy task. It is because of our experience that we have excelled and honestly, that is how we came to be.  Using our own talents, struggles, fears and experience, we can and do educate families as we merge together as a team of caregivers for each client and the family as a whole.

Share with us your greatest joy in caring for your senior loved one, current challenges, challenges you’ve overcome, your fears, and words of encouragement for other caregivers in the community.


At Sunshine Home and Companion Care we thoroughly believe that it is a group effort to care for the aging loved one. It is NEVER intended to be one person’s job, task or obligation.  Let us be a part of your support group as we go through care-giving together.




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Housekeeping is Caregiving

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