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Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Is Sunshine Home and Companion Care licensed, bonded, and insured?

Yes (SHCC) Sunshine Home and Companion Care is licensed by the state. Bonded, and Insured.

License #235208

Are SHCC employee’s State approved and screened?

Yes ALL employees are diligently checked by the state and an FBI based finger print screen is completed. A state required thorough criminal background check is absolutely done on all staff.

How quickly can services start for my loved one?

We would require less than a week to start our services including a preliminary meeting with the loved one. We believe that it is beneficial and respectful to meet and greet the loved one prior to showing up versus without meeting. Our goal is to be sure that each client is comfortable and we make great strides to ensure that their integrity, feelings, thoughts and input are respected.

Does SHCC accept insurance?

We are so happy to let you know that SHCC is now a medicaid provider.  If you or someone that you know has any needs or questions. Please feel free to call us at (863)-944-3349 or reach out to us on our contact form here.

What is the Hometown Hero Award?

This is an honor to have been awarded this year 2018. We are very touched and thrilled to carry this title and hold this award. This is an award that is given by a National Insurance and Finance company that is community minded. Modern Woodmen Fraternal Financial has for many years has taken nominations
from the community annually in search of someone who has extended help, volunteer services, accomplishments and contributions to the community outside of regular business. We were nominated and gladly hold this title.

What is the 2018 Caregiver Award?

That is an award that is awarded annually by Elder Care Law Firm of Polk County. They extend this award to someone who has shown exceptional and excellent community volunteer and services within then community and through Polk County. Someone who works with and for our local seniors. They carefully
choose someone who has extended integrity and excellence and tireless efforts to care for our local seniors and their families. We are very thrilled to be nominated for this award that will be awarded inn November 2018.

Can you tell me a little bit about the owner of SHCC and their employees?

SHCC is a Christian based business and runs their whole business based on biblical values and truth. All employees follow the basic principles of Christian living and integrity with excellence. We will not tolerate any activity or actions that display anything less then what Jesus Christ would expect. We take great measures to ensure that the love of God is displayed in our work. With that said, we show love
and respect to each client and their families despite their belief system. We extend love to everyone we meet.

What experience does SHCC have?

Each team member has extensive experience in the industry from companion care to CNA work to nursing. Sandie Gipson has 7 years of healthcare experience and is very knowledgeable in the care of seniors and takes great strides to continue education in the care of the needs of our local seniors. All employees are required to take continued education to stay in step with any changes that have been
made in the industry.

Tell me what SHCC does and what services they provide.

Well to start, SHCC is not a medical care agency. We are not a “hands on” service. We are not a medical licensed agency but a Homemaker and Companion licensed agency. What we do provide is stated in our brochure listed on our website here.

Do You Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions that we have not addressed, then please feel free to reach out to us here.

She has the biggest heart I’ve ever seen for those that many of whom are left to finish life alone. If you’re ever fortunate enough to meet her, you’ll discover, she’s a life changer.

Michael McMillen
If you are in need of a safe, loving environment for your loved one I highly recommend
Sunshine Home
and Companion Care.
Deb McCall
This company is an
amazing blessing
to those who need
Ginny Hamlin

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